OctoparseBeginner's Guide

If you are new to Octoparse, this is the perfect place to start. 

Start with the most commonly used features of Octoparse and follow through the path by browsing popular user cases; this beginner's guide will help you become familiar with Octoparse and improve efficiency.


E-commerce Scraping

See how Octoparse can help scrape product information such as product title, price, and URL on product listing pages.

A product detail page usually has more content than a product listing page. With Octoparse, it is possible to scrape data from the details page solely or from both the listing and details page.


Many websites use a "Load More" button to load new content. This video will show you how to use Octoparse to scrape new content that only show up after you click on a specific button.

On a website that uses infinite scroll, new content will always be presented every time the user scroll to the bottom of the webpage. Octoparse can deal with an infinite scroll with several simple settings. Let's watch this video to get more information.


A table is an arrangement of information, typically in rows and columns, which is easier to read and pleasing to look at. Let's take a look at how to scrape data from a table in detail with Octoparse Custom Task.

To be continued ...

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